Goldacres is a family owned and operated manufacturing business located on the outskirts of Ballarat in the thriving industrial area of Mitchell Park. We have been operating for 40 years designing, building and perfecting a range of sprayer equipment from the home gardener all the way through to our broadacre farmers dotted right across Australia. We are passionate about manufacturing, we are passionate about our customers, we are proud to manufacture our world class product right here in Ballarat.

House of Malt

House of Malt is a small batch, craft malthouse. The goal is to provide unique malt products of the highest quality that allows customers to broaden their options for creating unique beers and spirits.

House of Malt runs a small malthouse (500kg batches), with separate steeping, germination, and kilning vessels. They utilise the age-old technique of floor malting, along with modern steeping and kilning technology, which gives them the best of both worlds to achieve a high quality product.

Hakubaku Noodles

Premium quality Japanese-style organic noodles come from a most unexpected place. Ballarat, Victoria is the Australian home of Hakubaku Australia. Hakubaku Co, a leading name in grain products in Japan, wanted to have access to the best wheat for Japanese noodles – premium Australian wheat – and determined that a local factory would achieve this. After much research Ballarat was settled upon as a clean and green environment with good access to both organic wheat fields and the Port of Melbourne. By early 1998 the first noodles left the factory. Though the early noodles weer shipped solely to Japan, gradually Hakubaku Australia began to carve out a niche in the Australian market place with its certified organic noodles.

Waubra Wind Farm

Owned by Acciona Energy, the Waubra Windfarm comprises of 128 wind turbines, covering an area of 170 square kilometres.
It is one of the largest wind farms in the southern hemisphere and generates enough clean, renewable energy to power the 110,000 households annually – that’s equivalent to the entire City of Ballarat and surrounds!