Tours are included with every Innovation Generation ticket! More tours to be announced soon.

What the World Wants from Australian Wheat – AEGIC

A hands-on workshop at the Bread Research Institute where participants will make, touch, feel and eat the wheat products important to Australian export markets.

Tour participants will:

  • make Asian noodles and eat a steaming bowl of udon to understand the unique features of Australian noodle wheat.
  • mix a dough, bake baguettes, and eat them straight out of the oven to appreciate protein content and wheat gluten.
  • Bake, measure and munch cookies to understand the fundamental difference between soft and hard wheat.

A look at FMC herbicide, insecticide and fungicide facility

Frustrated by delayed supply or rising costs of crop protection products? Curious about global crop protection supply chains?

Agricultural sciences company FMC will take you on an insightful and educational road trip to visit its local manufacturing facility in Wyong, Central Coast, NSW – the home of leading FMC herbicide, insecticide and fungicide brands such as Rustler®, Hammer®, Impact Endure®, Parachute® and Overwatch®.  Learn about the formulation and packaging process, logistics and the wider supply chain.

This is a great chance to meet with experts, ask questions, win prizes and have some fun!

Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute

The Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI) is a world renowned, premier biosecurity facility that enhances food and fibre production and helps protect the environment. As part of the Department of Primary Industries, they contribute to the security and prosperity of this sector.

Batch brewing Co

Founded in 2013 by Chris & Andrew, Batch Brewing Co are an Inner West based, Australian craft brewery with a focus on unique, handcrafted, small batch beers with deep connection to our community.