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Over two jam-packed days and three nights, the 17th annual Innovation Generation conference is set to be one of the best yet. Attendees will hear from leading speakers across many interactive sessions and come away with new connections with other young growers and ag professionals. Join us on the sunny Gold Coast!

Tuesday 23 July 2024

10:00 am

Optional Tour: John Deere Crestmead Facility Tour (CAPACITY REACHED)

John Deere, Crestmead facility
A special optional tour of John Deere’s head office and facility in Crestmead with a behind-the-scenes look at the operation in action. Hear from Luke Chandler, Managing Director and Ben Kelly, Production System Manager plus several product and technology specialists over many short sessions. The tour includes the opportunity to see a selection of Small Grains equipment and technology including See & Spray™ and the new S7 Combine firsthand. Please note, this tour is free and is an optional add-on, however, places are strictly limited. (CAPACITY REACHED)
6:30 pm

Welcome Reception

Shooey's Sports Bar, Crowne Plaza Surfer’s Paradise
Join us for an evening of relaxed networking and vibrant conversations at our casual mixer! Kick off the conference by connecting with fellow attendees over light refreshments and engaging icebreakers. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry, this event promises to set the stage for meaningful connections and valuable interactions. Get ready to expand your network and forge new relationships in a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere.

Wednesday 24 July 2024

8:00 am

Rego and expo open

Crowne Plaza, Surfer's Paradise
Arrive bright and early to register and give yourself some time to check out the exhibition hall, where you will see what the latest industry supporters and suppliers have to offer.
9:10 am

'Exploring the Future of Ag’ - Futurist Keynote Session

Melissa Clark-Reynolds
9:55 am

Crafting Your Career: Mastering Communication, Elevator Pitches, and Personal Branding

Lucy Brennan
This session on career development will delve into the importance of effective communication, perfecting elevator pitches, and understanding personal brands. Attendees will learn the importance of crafting compelling narratives about their skills and experiences, essential for networking and interviews.
10:25 am

Morning tea & trade stalls

Check out some of our fantastic exhibitors during the break!
10:45 am

Exploring Agriculture's Role in Addressing Global Climate Challenges

Tegan Nock
Kristin Lefroy
Tim Dellit
Zach Whale
By highlighting opportunities for sustainable agriculture through innovative practices and technology, this session will empower growers with practical strategies to enhance resilience and productivity in the face of climate challenges. Gain valuable insights and actionable steps to optimise your farming practices, improve resource efficiency, and understand the global landscape of climate change.
11:30 am

Farm Safety with Shane Webcke

Shane Webcke
Join us for an impactful session on the critical importance of safety in all aspects of life. Drawing from his experiences as a former professional rugby league player turned safety advocate, Shane will share compelling insights on the value of prioritising safety - from the sports field to the workplace and beyond. Don't miss this opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and inspiration from one of Australia's most respected voices on safety.
12:00 pm

Succession Planning

Jack Langley
James Russell
Kelsey Winney
This session aims to address a critical issue in our farming community: the smooth transition of assets and responsibilities to the next generation. It will highlight the importance of overcoming complacency and offer expert insights into the emotional and financial challenges involved. It will offer practical strategies to initiate conversations and sustain momentum, emphasising the involvement of crucial stakeholders like facilitators, accountants, and bank managers. The session will address common pitfalls and offer insights into navigating them effectively. A panel discussion, featuring industry experts and individuals with firsthand experience, will provide valuable guidance and inspiration for participants.

Exploring Careers in Ag

Breakout room
Dr Jana Phann
Luciano Mesiti
Rebecca Cope
Constantine Theodore
Discover the diverse opportunities awaiting you beyond the fields at our insightful panel discussion on alternative careers in agriculture! Join us as we explore the vast spectrum of professions that contribute to the agricultural industry, from agribusiness and technology to sustainability and policy. Hear from experts who have forged successful careers outside traditional farming roles and gain valuable insights into the exciting possibilities within this dynamic field.
12:50 pm

Lunch & trade stalls

It's time for lunch! Get mingling and check out the exhibitors at the trade stalls.
1:30 pm

Enhancing Agtech Success through Collaboration and On-Farm Trials

Duncan Ferguson
Ben Single
This panel discussion will explore the pivotal role of collaboration and on-farm trials in advancing the success of agricultural technology. Discover how practical experimentation drives transformative solutions for growers and the industry.
2:30 pm

Tech in the Field

James Venning
By focusing on the practical applications of cutting-edge technology in agriculture, this session highlights how modern growers are leveraging innovative tools and techniques to improve productivity and streamline operations on the farm. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into how technology is revolutionising farming practices, and will learn firsthand about the benefits of integrating new tech into their agricultural endeavours, including increased efficiency, reduced resource use, and improved decision-making. By showcasing real-life examples of how technology is being implemented on farms, this session provides actionable knowledge and inspiration for attendees to adopt similar advancements in their own operations.
3:15 pm

Afternoon tea & trade stalls

Take a well-earned break and explore the trade exhibition
3:45 pm

Navigating to Success: Sailing the Seas with Resilience and Mental Agility - Keynote Session

Lisa Blair
Resilience and mental agility are essential qualities for success in any field. In 2017, Lisa Blair made history. Just seven years after discovering sailing at the age of 25, Lisa became the first woman to sail solo around Antarctica with only one stop. After surviving a dramatic dismasting at sea, Lisa demonstrated her resilience and determination. Attendees will be inspired to cultivate resilience and mental agility, enabling them to effectively manage risks and overcome the storms of growth, stress, and disruption in their professional lives. By sharing her life and work principles for navigating to success, Lisa provides actionable strategies that agricultural leaders can apply to their own roles and responsibilities. This keynote session will empower delegates to thrive in dynamic and uncertain environments.
5:00 pm

Conference day 1 wrap-up & end

6:30 pm

Trivia Night - Sponsored by John Deere

El Camino, Surfer's Paradise
Gather your wits and join us for a night of friendly competition at our highly anticipated Trivia Night! Test your knowledge across a wide range of topics as teams battle it out for the title of Trivia Champions.

Thursday 25 July

8:00 am

Expo opens

Crowne Plaza, Surfer's Paradise
Ready for day two? Grab a coffee and check out the expo!
9:00 am

MC recap

A quick run-down of all the learnings from day one.
9:05 am

Advancing Agriculture Through Digital Transformation

Max Cusack
Jerome Leray
Richard Norton
Sean Cole
This session delves into the digital transformation of agriculture, including big data and AI. Attendees will explore advancements like aerial imaging, facilitated by connectivity on farm. Led by industry leaders, participants gain insights into leveraging digital tools effectively, empowering them to adapt and contribute to agricultural innovation.
9:50 am

Going on a Mission Possible Bear Hunt

Dr Cheryl Kalisch Gordon
Vitor Cacula Pistoia
When focussing on the day-to-day of getting the crop in, off or marketed, it can be hard to prioritise real time to determine where you want your business to be in 5 or 10 years and how you will get there. But putting time to this can avoid you going on a Mission Impossible or on a wayward Bear Hunt. What are the keys to improving the chances of success for Australian grain farm businesses as we head to 2030 and beyond.
10:20 am

Mediatalk – Tips & Tricks for beginners

Chris Rowley
Ever wondered how to talk to the media? Interested in the do's and don'ts? GrainGrowers Chris Rowley will give you more insight on how to leverage your opportunities through a range of media channels.
10:50 am

Morning tea & trade stalls

Connect with other IG attendees and check out some of the fantastic trade stalls!
11:10 am

The Great Debate : Sustainable Development and ESG. Aren’t they the same thing?

Rebecca Underwood
Jacob Betros
Dr Robyn Leeson
Dr Margaret Jewell
Sarah Hyland
Stay tuned for more info!
12:25 pm

Regional Australia: Hidden Gem or Diamond in the Rough?

Tracy Lefroy
Thomas Moloney
Veronica Terry
Rhys Turton
Vincent Britnell
Join us for an engaging panel discussion where our speakers unpack what it means to live and work in regional Australia. Loved by locals for the tranquillity, tight-knit communities, and stunning natural landscapes, regional Australia holds a special place in the hearts of many. Despite its appeal, there seems to be a reluctance to relocate to the regions, as evidenced by a shortage of staff available to work on-farm. What factors are at play here? Is it the lack of accessible childcare, the demanding work hours, or perhaps the absence of a pumping nightclub? Our panellists will explore these questions and more, providing insights into whether life in regional Australia is as dreamy as it seems. This discussion will not only address the perceived benefits, but also tackle the critical barriers that might deter potential residents. This is your opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what regional Australia has to offer and what it might be missing. Join us as we uncover whether the regions really are the best place to call home or if it's time to pack up and head for the city.
1:10 pm

Lunch & trade stalls

1:40 pm

Women and Diversity in Agriculture

Lucy Darragh
Kimberly Pellosis
Rebekah Starick
Roma Christian Rahmé
The innovation pipeline relies on diversity across various dimensions, including career stage, age, education, gender, and more. Attendees will gain insight into the pivotal role of diversity in driving innovation within agriculture. By understanding how diverse teams generate creative solutions and challenge assumptions, participants will learn to harness a wide range of perspectives to advance industry practices and drive progress in the agricultural sector.
2:40 pm

Supply Chains of the Future

Stuart Tighe
Explore the future landscape of supply chains with our insightful session focusing on innovation and opportunities for growers. Discover how growers can strategically position themselves by vertically integrating along the supply chain, gaining greater control and efficiency. Learn about the advantages and challenges of taking charge of export processes, empowering growers to expand their reach and maximise profits. From farm to market, this session will delve into cutting-edge strategies and emerging trends shaping the supply chains of tomorrow.

Australian Grain Leaders Program (AGLP) Project Presentations

Breakout room
The Australian Grain Leaders Program (AGLP) is designed to help emerging leaders in the grains industry develop the skills needed to thrive. In this session, current participants of the program will discuss the projects they are undertaking as part of the AGLP.
3:25 pm

Afternoon tea & trade stalls

Your final chance to check out the trade stalls and grab some goodies!
3:45 pm

Interactive Problem-Solving Session (‘Dragon’s Den’)

Nigel Corish
Rhys Turton
Richard Norton
Richard Konzag
Engage in dynamic problem-solving! In this session, delegates form teams to tackle specific ag-related challenges and engage in lively discussions to come up with innovative ideas to address them. Teams then present a solution to their challenge and open conversation to the floor, promoting cross-sharing of insights and sparking further discussion with other delegates. This session encourages teamwork, creative problem-solving, and knowledge exchange, with a side of networking!
5:00 pm

Conference close

A wrap-up and close for Innovation Generation 2024. See you at the Official Conference Dinner!
6:30 pm

Official Conference Closing Dinner sponsored by GRDC

The Glass House @ The Island
Wrap up the conference in style at our official closing dinner. Join us for an evening of celebration and camaraderie - delight in gourmet cuisine, raise a glass to new friendships, and prepare to be entertained by an unexpected twist that promises to leave you amazed. With laughter, good company, and a touch of excitement, this closing dinner is sure to be the highlight of your conference experience. Don't miss out on this memorable finale!